This is Philosophy of Mind

By Pete Mandik

This is Philosophy of Mind - Mandik
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“This is the most encompassing and up–to–date introduction to the philosophy of mind available today. Mandik has a gift for making technical debates accessible, and his engaging tour travels from the classic to the cutting edge.”

– Jesse Prinz, The Graduate Center, CUNY

“Is it possible to write a clear, even–handed, comprehensive, concise, and engaging guide to contemporary philosophy of mind—in less than 250 pages? I would not have thought so either. THANK YOU, Pete Mandik.”

– Kathleen Akins, Simon Fraser University

“Mandik delivers on what he promises. The book, along with its companion blog, is a useful, accessible, resource. It will be particularly useful to lower-level undergraduate students, who may have no previous exposure to philosophy. All the problems are explored that an introductory course in philosophy of mind should explore. And the delivery is rigorous, concise, clear and stress-free. Given its emphasis on self-discovery, and given its scope and accessible style, the book can also be enjoyed (and easily digested) outside academia by any casual reader curious about what philosophers of mind are actually up to these days. Mandik deploys his knowledge of the field with flair.”

– Matteo Colombo, Minds and Machines

Written to be accessible to philosophy students early in their studies, This is Philosophy of Mind presents students of philosophy with an accessible introduction to the core issues related to the philosophy of mind, including issues related to the mind-body problem, artificial intelligence, free will, the nature of consciousness, and more.

In addition, Pete Mandik frequently maintains a frequently updated This Is Philosophy of Mind blog HERE.

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