This Is Philosophy: An Introduction

By Steven Hales

This is Phil - Intro“The text’s scholarship is as noteworthy as its hipness. Hales clearly explains important philosophical ideas with a minimum of jargon and without sacrificing depth of content and he consistently gives a fair and accurate presentation of both sides of central philosophical disputes.”

– Matthew Van Cleave
Teaching Philosophy 36:4, December 2013

To get a quick sense of the book, you can read the Table of Contents, and the How To Use This Book / Preface. You can find useful supplementary material for both students and instructors below.

Resources and Self-Assessment:

You can download a wealth of Online Resources below, including the live links for each chapter (e-books have the links built in). We’ve also provided flashcards for each chapter. Readers are also directed to a free glossary of philosophical terms and the This Is Philosophy Quizlet to aid in their studies. The Quizlet includes flashcards, self-testing exercises, and learning games.

Resources by Chapter:

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Chapter 5:
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Chapter 7:
Chapter 4:

‘Instructor Pack’ on request:

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