Books in The Series

This Is Philosophy is just starting out as a series, and we will be adding new titles as time goes on. For the time being, you can find more about the first book in the series, Steve Hales’This Is Philosophy, HERE, where you will find resources for the book that include a glossary of terms, vocabulary/concept comprehension self-assessment exercises, lecture slides, and instructor test banks, and links to primary sources discussed or referred to in the book.

Books forthcoming in the series includeThis Is Philosophy of Mind (Pete Mandik, NEW!); This Is Philosophy of Religion (Neil Manson); This Is Epistemology (Clayton Littlejohn); This Is Metaphysics (Kris Mcdaniel); This Is Ethics (Jussi Suikkanen); This Is Modern Philosophy (Kurt Smith); and This Is Political Philosophy (Alex Tuckness and Clark Wolf).

We will continue to update the series and this website as more titles are planned and published!


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