About the series

This is Philosophy Series

This is Philosophy offers engaging introductions to the subject that make up the field of philosophy, and brings difficult, abstract concepts to life using down-to-earth examples and straightforward language. Books published and forthcoming include:

While covering traditional topics, the discussions are also keyed into relevant developments in nearby disciplines, such as how empirical psychology is related to virtue ethics, or neuroscience to philosophy of mind. The books are enhanced by a wealth of supplementary online materials that can be accessed directly from links in the e-book editions (and from URLs listed in the print edition and on this website), including links to free online primary sources and reference materials, witty takes on philosophical puzzles, and a host of extras on this companion website, including notes on philosophical method, lecture slides, test banks, and more. With examples that are more Dave Matthews Band than Verdi, more beer than Brunello di Montalcino, the great debates of philosophy are made accessible, yet never watered down. This is Philosophy not only brings philosophy to life, it will leave beginning students wanting more.

Web materials currently available for:

A Note To Instructors:

For those of you who are teaching a course using one of the books in the series, as well as those considering doing so, we can send you an instructor pack, including PDF and PowerPoint materials to help you integrate the books into your teaching. Please use the contact page to request these materials.